Honey offered for sale by bee keepers in the UK and around the world. Including bulk honey in buckets.


..."As for success of honey sale it was literally all gone within two days I can not thank you enough and will be using your list again at the end of the season."
..."Just wanted to say thanks for posting the advert so far and wide, it has worked beautifully. I have now sold all the honey that I wanted to..."

There are beekeepers all over the world with honey for sale. If you have honey that you wish to sell and would like your details on this page please contact me by email - patrick@laslett.com

UK honey for sale

Norwich cut comb honey. Raw honey for sale. In jars (1lb and 1/2 Lb), in buckets, and in the frame - Norwich UK - contact@norfolkhoney.co.uk

2022 season Raw, fine filtered (strained) honey for sale,
in 60lb and 30lb food grade buckets, £3.6 per Lb
I have also jars with honey
900ml 40oz 1150gr 15£
280ml 12oz 340gr 6£
heavy buckets I can delivery for free up to 15 miles distance
or send by dpd courier (additional charge).
my adress:
Dariusz Kaps
1 Top Lodge Cottage
over famous "Kelmarsh tunnel"
any questions, phone 07497202926

Spring 2022 Worcestershire Honey.
£3-25 per lb, supplied in new 30 lb buckets.
140 buckets available. Orders of 50 buckets or more, price by negotiation.
Summer 2021 Worcestershire Honey.
£3-40 per lb, supplied in new 30 lb buckets.
20 buckets available.
Collection from Pershore or bulk delivery at cost.
Call John on 07909 978074 or email hopstoneshoney@gmail.com for details.

Oxfordshire Honey for sale in 30 1Ib buckets
12 buckets of (strained twice) honey @ £100 per bucket (New white buckets)
A further 76+ buckets (strained once, food grade buckets) – open to offers depending on how many required.
Collection from Oxford or delivery at cost.
Call Tim: 07930 313 065
Or email: tim.sneezum@gmail.com

Pure English white set honey
No additives no chemicals
£3.50 per 1lb in 301lb buckets
Collect dn91dy or courier at your cost
Summer and autumn honey available at a later date
Contact Steve on 07970843380

North Yorkshire Heather Honey (2021 crop)
For sale in +/- 30lb buckets @£4.10/lb
Collect or could possibly deliver depending upon quantity
Call Cris on 07749-010033

Yorkshire Mixed Blossom Honey for sale in 10L plastic buckets @£3.00 a lb.
Collect or could deliver depending on quantity.
Call Rob on 07933972787.

Berkshire summer blossom and spring blossom honey 2021 for sale.
Raw, unheated and unpasteurised. All in 30 lbs food grade buckets. We will check the weight before purchase. Collection from Staines upon Thames TW18 4JL or can deliver if locally. The price is £3.60 per lb. Only for bulk orders, minimum order 200lb.
The individual price for 30 lb bucket £150.
Also we can supply honey in jars of 340 grams (12 oz) each jar £4.50 for bulk orders.
For more information please contact us: honeysuppliers@yahoo.com 07835258837 Stela Busy Bees

Cheshire honey 2021 for sale. Raw and unheated but double strained spring and summer honey. All in @33 lbs food grade buckets (each bucket weighted and labelled). Collection from Cheshire ( Chester area) or can deliver at additional cost. Contact email sabo_maria88@yahoo.com or text/call Maria on 07866847964.

2021 season honey for sale, in 60lb food grade buckets, 8 buckets in total.
£3.5 per Lb + £6 deposit per bucket.
Kelmarsh, Northamptonshire over famous "Kelmarsh tunnel" any questions, phone 07746470626 Dariusz Kaps dariuszkaps@gmail.com
Mid-Norfolk 2021 honey, raw and unfiltered but wax free by settling.
Spring honey £3/lb. Low oil seed content this year with slight amber colour mixed pollen colours during spring flow will include Blackthorn, Dandelion, Apple etc. Now crystalised. Thirty buckets (around 30lbs) available.
Summer honey £3.50/lb. Mixed wild flower, bramble etc. (no agricultural flower crops within range) not crystallised 24/10/21. Ten buckets available. Collection from NR9.
Prefer to sell in larger lots. Contact gavinwillis99@outlook.com
Scottish heather honey. Some say it is the finest in the world. £12kg From chosen sites across the Scottish moors. Filtered and unheated, raw and unprocessed.
North East summer flower honey. A beautiful crop from hedgerows and trees. The best season for some time. Price reflects the quality. £10kg
The finest honeys from our partner in Greece, Mount Olympus and The Isle of Evia. Arbutus, Oak and Pine honey all £12kg.
Limited amount, buyer either collects or arranges collection from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Contact Mark: travellingbeecompany@gmail.com
Honey available in buckets for wholesale: Heather, Rapeseed and Blossom from Ballater/ Braemar and Aberdeenshire area.
Please contact beebenshoney@gmail.com or call 07547628646 for more information.
2020 Bulk Borage honey from Essex Email Patrisia Szatmari patrisiaszatmari@hotmail.com
2021 Set Yorkshire Spring Honey for sale. Honey strained into 30lb buckets. £3.60 per lb. Collect YO41, potential courier by arrangement. feasby2003@yahoo.co.uk
SPRING HONEY 2021 Pure English white set honey No additives no chemicals £3.50 per 1lb in 30llb buckets Collect dn91dy or courier at your cost Contact Steve on 07970843380
1 ton of borage honey for sale £3.50 per lb available in buckets or in barrels Phone 07887 506310

2019 Worc/Glos Buckwheat Honey. 400lb. Tasty dark honey. £3 per lb. Collection only. Tel. 01386 725291 or 07753612310.
Cheshire honey 2020 for sale. Raw and unheated but double strained spring and summer honey. All in @33 lbs food grade buckets (each bucket weighted and labelled). Collection from Cheshire ( Chester area) or can deliver at additional cost. Contact email sabo_maria88@yahoo.com or Call Maria on 07866847964.
Lincolnshire Honey. 2020 spring honey Honey is in 30lb food grade tubs containing contents of a single super (23+ lb). £3.25 per lb. Double strained only. Collection from North Hykeham or delivery at additional cost. Contact ncullen@ntlworld.com
Oil Seed Rape honey For Sale. 20 x 30LB Buckets available at £95 per bucket ~ based in Lincoln. Email info@balincoln.com
Scottish heather honey. Some say the finest in the world.
From chosen sites across the Scottish moors.
15kg/30lb buckets of the finest honey. Filtered and unheated, raw and unprocessed.
Limited amount, buyer either collects or arranges collection from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.
£12kg/£5.45lb Contact Mark: travellingbeecompany@gmail.com
2019/2020 Spring Blossom honey in 30lbs food grade tubs fine filtered £3.15Lbs Collected from the bee yard at GL514UB or 24 or 32 Tubs on a pallet can be Delivered Extra!!! …delivery charge about £65? We also sell honey in 3/4lbs jars use your own labels or ours. Contact mike on 07971806670
Mid-Norfolk 2020 spring honey, raw and unfiltered but wax free by settling. Very mixed pollen colours during spring flow will include OSR, Blackthorn, Dandelion, Apple etc. Forty buckets (average 30lbs) available, £3/lb. Discount and/or delivery up to 100 miles possible for larger orders. Prefer to sell in one lot. Contact gavinwillis@btinternet.com
Highest quality late spring/summer honey from selected sites across the North East of England. The honey is unheated and filtered. Buckets are approx 15kg/30lb @ £4lb and £8.8kg. email travellingbeecompany@gmail.com call 07884422992

4 - 5 tone of borage honey for sale £7.70 per kg and £3.50 per lb email William Alldis williamalldis@icloud.com Phone 07701333323
2019 Borage honey. Around 1/4 of a ton at £3.60 per lb based in Worthing West Sussex. Email swhoneyfarms@gmail.com
Local Welsh Summer 2020 Wildflower Honey available in bulk in 30lb Tubs at £115 per Tub (£3.85 per lb) plus carriage, delivery possible for large orders. Please contact : blorengemountainbees@outlook.com / Tel:01873851224 / Mob 07908354770.

SPRING HONEY 2020 Pure English white set honey. No additives. No chemicals
£3.20 pr lb, in 30lb buckets
Collect dn91dy or courier at your cost Contact Steve on 07970843380

Raw honey cold filtered from Kettering for sale in 30lb bucket(s) at £3.20 per lbs. Collection or delivery by courier at your cost. Contact me at: lukeadams@yahoo.co.uk 07306 771508
2019 raw Norfolk honey in 30lb buckets (average contents approx. 31.5Ib).
9 spring @ £95
3 summer @ £100
All double cold filtered.
Call John on 07747 844977 or email: waveneyhoney@opayq.com

World Honey producers
World wide beekeepers if you have honey for sale in the UK please email me with your details to be added to this list

2022 Organic Acacia certificated honey for sale, unfiltered, unpasteurised.
We are based in London and Manchester, United Kingdom*( 252-262 British institute of technology, Romford Road, London, E7 9HZ and in Europe)
We sell different types of organic HONEY, organic BEE pollen, and much more.
For more information call +447366066472 Mr. A. Nauabi Blessed Harvest LTD. info@blessedharvest.co.uk

English Honey wanted by buyers in the UK
There are people who would like to buy honey who live in various parts of the country.

I am a London based beekeeper interested in purchasing raw, wholesale honey, either filtered or unfiltered, from other beekeepers located in London, Kent and Surrey. Once you have harvested this season's honey crop and you have surplus honey available to sell from these locations, I would be keen to hear from you. I can be contacted at the following email address thomasbinsted@hotmail.com Best regards, Thomas Binsted.'
2019 Bulk honey required in 30lb or 60lb buckets, or wholesale quantities of unlabelled 1lb jars. We are based in Cambridge but collection can be arranged. Please contact Ross: ross@oldforgehoney.co.uk / 07876211942

2018 I am seeking out small and medium sized apiarists who have honey for sale. Happy to purchase either filtered or unfiltered British honey. Also looking to purchase honey on frames. I can arrange collection or if you're able to arrange courier great.
All sizes of buckets of honey consider. Honey container to be labelled with post code 
Payment by BACs on collection of honey. I am based in Glasgow. 
Contact details warren@abeeco.uk

2017 Honey wanted in Birmingham 30lbs to 50lbs at a time. Please email Faruq faruquddeen@googlemail.com

2017 Hello, if your hives are looking like skyscrapers and you’ll harvest more than you can cope with then please get in touch!  I’m looking to buy honey in buckets that are specific to an apiary and harvest – so no blending.  If you can extract by apiary and interested in finding out more then please email me emily@hiveandkeeper.com  I sell small batch honeys, each jar specific to an apiary and named beekeeper so we’ll do you and your honey proud!

2016 Honey wanted in east Hampshire. Reasonable prices please.
Will need up to 100kg. Afshin Khalessi afshinkhalessi@me.com

2016 Honey wanted: London/Essex If you have runny/liquid multifloral honey, I am looking to buy up to 100lb –150lbs.  Also interested in a small amount of rape or honey with a high proportion of rape for making soft-set.  Please contact Pádraig on 07894 419800 or sevenkingsapiary@gmail.com.
2016 Raw honey honey in bulk wanted. edward@e5bakehouse.com Edward e5 Bakehouse 02085252890 07768932287
2016 I am looking to purchase bulk amounts of honey which comes from anywhere in and around the London/M25 area. Ideally it would be unjarred Meetal Patel meetal_patel@hotmail.com

2018 I can supply over 100kgs of honey straight out of Uganda, At a great price and quality. Email: boniface1998@gmail.com
2018 Organic Certified Wildflower Honey from Lithuania, Northern Europe, available for sale in bulk at £7 per 1 kg. Delivery can be arranged. Email sarkva@gmail.com
2018 We are Hannimo - Honey and bee products wholesaling company located in Riga, Latvia. We are one of the most known honey wholesalers in Baltic region operating with conventional as well as organic products. We are currently looking to expand and are looking for new long-term partners. Our offer includes variety of honey including spring/summer flower honey, buckwheat, rape, heather, linden, dandelion honey and more. You can read about it com/services/honey/ As well we are offering bee bread, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly for your needs. We are packaging honey in any type of jars or other containers of client's preference with or without your private label. If you are looking for honey in bigger containers - we can offer it in 20 litre buckets or 200l barrels, depending on the honey type and producers preference. If you have any questions do not hesitate to drop us a message! Looking forward hearing from you. Best regards, Edvins Spruga edvinsspruga@hannimo.com
2018 2017 rape seed honey including hedgerow flowers £7kg  mostly 25kg tubs
Romanian sunflower, quality honey £6.70kg
Romanian wild flower, very smooth and deep in taste  £7kg
The Romanian honeys are surplus stores and all sourced from village beekeepers and are raw and unprocessed. The rape honey is from the North East.
please email Mark for further details travellingbeecompany@gmail.com

2018 We offering to you bee's products from Lithuania, best quality, you can r?sell it's and earn a lot of money.
Our bee's products have ,,Protected Designation Of Orign'' sign.
Our bee's products is first class-best quality.
1 kg ( 2.2 lb) of bee bread - 33,66 € .
1 kg of beswax 12 € .
1 kg of multiflorous honey 5 €.( in buckets 25-27 kg)
1 kg of buckwheat honey 5 €. ( in buckets 25-27 kg)
Propolis and pollen- out of stock. ( we will have later in this year)
Contact: Tadas Petrauskas tadas.petrauskas@inbox.lt

2018 Our company specialises ln Eastern European honey Acacia, Linden, and Wild flower honey. Clients can buy at bulk price or single unit price. Our honey is garanteed 100% pure and sealed at the beefarm directly. For further information contact Mizanur uddin 07448521549 Carlos Italian carlositalian1981@gmail.com

2018 2-3T of pure Spanish honey from albida, rosemary and polyflora. Please email Ramon at almerimiel@hotmail.com or on what's app 686667791. Prices start at €4.50 a kilo.

2017 Raw African Wild Honey. 100% Organic. We are small beekeepers cooperative in Nigeria that produces cold pressed organic honey for sale in small amounts and in bulk. Please contact jonathan.fashanu@gmail.com.

2017 We are small bulgarian bee keeper, engaged in the harvesting of home made honey. Our honey is pure, not heated, no suger added, with excellent flavour and it's harvested from mountain ecological clean area. Bulgarian honey has a worldwide reputation of one of the best honey in the word and it's often used as an enhancer of other types honey. We can offer you this types of honey of special prices:-linden honey-acacia honey-rape honey-thistle milk honey-herbal honey-dew honey. Asen. email:

2017 Indian honey. Suppliers of natural pure honey in large quantities, multi flower honey. We are ready to supply one ton per month. Mob: 91-99651-91469 tharunageneralexports@gmail.com

2017 I am Derrick from Ghana. I am a beekeeper and have a lots of pure and natural honey in large quantities for sale. If you are interested then please contact me or Watsap me on +233243261871. l hope to hear from you soon.

2017 Honey from Bulgaria. Very good quality and clear honey. From bulgarian forest. Radoslav Bozhilov radoslavbozhilov@gmail.com

2017 I'm producer of honey in Russia. I collect 4 varieties of honey from our apiaries. Honey without antibiotics, sugar and GMO. If you are interested we can become partners and provide you with Russian honey. As a manufacturer I can organize all the necessary veterinary certificates and ensure delivery on CIP. 
Also if you will be in Russia or one of your friends works in Russia let me know, I will arrange for you or your representative visit to our apiaries. Alexey N P dreem1000@gmail.com

2017 Raw polyfloral honey, certified with a National Quality Label, from the western part of Lithuania, the Baltic Sea region, Northern Europe, where you will find an impressive landscape, unique net of rivers and channels, fresh and nice nature free of pollution, is available for sale in bulk, in buckets of 25 kg. The honey is rich in taste and smell, extracted by spinning it out of the frames and bottled directly after that. There is no sugar added and the bees are not fed with sugar during the harvest time. The honey is 100% raw, unprocessed, not mixed, not pasteurised or homogenized. 
Email: Vaida Sarkauskiene sarkva@gmail.com

2017 We are beekeepers of India state Madhya Pradesh as present and in next two months of 2017 we will have almost 150 ton natural honey RAW HONEY  in our stock. Our honey is pure and natural without any unwanted chemical or antibiotic because in Indian states the farmers cannot afford the costly antibiotic to their farms so the honey is also natural organic. TYAGIBEEFARM,  PANT MARG PURANI SABJI MANDI KAILARAS, DISTT - MORENA, MADHYA PRADESH,  INDIA,  PIN CODE  476224, Email - tyagibeefarm@gmail.com

2017 We sell homogenized sunflower honey packed in food metal barrels 290kg each.
Homogenization is performed according to ISO22000 food safety requirements.
Our honey meets the standards of Honey Directive 2001/110/EU  and EU Regulation 470/2009/EU on maximum permitted level of veterinary medicines' residues in food of animal origin.
The quality of our honey meets US Honey Regulations. Our honey does not contain any kind of antibiotics. Mila shishkevich@icloud.com

2017 Honey from Ukraine and Lithuania. At this moment we could offer for you 4 types of honey: :sunflower, rapeseed, linden and meadow. Lukas Zarnauskas Email: l.zarnauskas@gmail.com

2017 - 100% natural rape seed flower honey from Poland. 3 tons available now.
Can give lab results. Or we can sent a test batch to you to test.
Also lime tree flower honey available in august.
please dont hesitate if more info reqd

Please contact GARY:
07816 901 048.
Many thanks.

2017 I am a beekeeper from Romania, I have 3 tones honey for sale (900 kg  buckwheat honey,  and 2100 kg polyfloral), natural quality guaranteed, of my own apiary (I'm an individual).
If you are interested in buying large quantities of honey (wholesale), please contact me to discuss more details. The honey is 100% natural and it can be tested in laboratory, to check for it's quality. Honey is packaged in bulk power supply 200 l barrels.
If you know someone who would like to buy honey in large quantities, please transmit the address and contact details to be able to present my offer. Price 4.5 EUR per Kg at wholesale.
Silivestru S?ndel E-mail: magazin@webofiice.ro Tel: +40787823240

2017 100% naturally LITHUANIAN honey.100% quality security. Packed in barrels of 300 kg. During the season, we can offer a very large quantity. Price to be negotiated individually. rolandasluko@gmail.com

2017 Honey are from Romania. Honey is unprocesed and the hives are izolated in mountain Bucegi. The honey have an amaizing taste.The honey that I sell is from forest, acacia and lime(tilia). Sample are also welcome to test quality.I can guarantee you will love these products. With best regard Alex Camen from Romania Alexandru Nan alexandru8543@gmail.com

2017 My name is Vasil Mirchev . I am from Bulgaria and I can provide pure,natural different variety of raw honey from Bulgaria
Please if are interest contacted me by email mirchevvasil@yahoo.co.uk.    or 00447780037791

2017 Raw honey from Spain. I have a variety, Orange blossom, thyme, oak, multifloral and sunflower. Email Jorge Escalera Giner  jorge_eg88@hotmail.com

2017 We currently have 7,000 kilograms of Linden (Tilia) Honey available from a geographically protected area in Serbia.

This honey is unique in that it has a very high content of Linden pollen. We guarantee that this is at least 60% and often higher. I am able to provide a complete, recent analysis of this honey, which was done by Intertek in Germany.

This particular batch shows a Linden content of 81% and won a European Award last year.

These differences are a result of the specific bio-geographical characteristics of the area which includes the presence of over 1400 indigenous species.

Through our beekeeping association (and prior arrangement) we are able to produce up to 30 tonnes of this type of honey annually.

This honey is from a natural and sustainable source in an area of National Park.

We can provided this honey in bulk, packed in drums of up to 300kgs. 
Alternately, it can be packed in jars ranging from 250g to 1 kg. 

If you are interested, could you please indicate the quantity you would consider purchasing and I will negotiate the best price for you with the association and also calculate the costs for delivery as specified by you.

Finally, I am also able to assist you with sourcing excellent Acacia, Polyfloral meadow and other honeys, according to your requirements.
Many thanks.

Juliet Lyall


+381 64 494 7502

2017 I am a beekeeper from Romania, I have 21 t honey for sale (5 tones of acacia, 9 tones of lime and  7 tones sunflower + polyfloral), natural quality guaranteed, of my own apiary (I'm an individual).
If you are interested in buying large quantities of honey (wholesale), please contact me to discuss more details. The honey is 100% natural and it can be tested in laboratory, to check for it's quality.
If you know someone who would like to buy honey in large quantities, please transmit the address and contact details to be able to present my offer.
The prices are negociable depending on the quantity and type of honey requested.
I speak English. Rozalia Serman 
CONTACT: 004 0742 960 994 / +4 0742 960 994 – mobile.
E-mail: rozalindapetro@yahoo.com.

2016 My name is John,from Romania and I can provide pure,natural different variety of honey?
Please,if are interest with a deal,contacted me by email or phone 07854247374?!!
I can provide 1-10-1000-2:3:5000 kg of honey?!!!

2016 I am a beekeeper from Romania, I have 21 t honey for sale (5 tones of acacia, 9 tones of lime and  7 tones sunflower + polyfloral), natural quality guaranteed, of my own apiary (I'm individual).
If you are interested in buying large quantities of honey (wholesale), please contact me to discuss more details. The honey is 100% natural and it can be tested in laboratory, to check for it's quality.
If you know someone who would like to buy honey in large quantities, please transmit the address and contact details to be able to present my offer.
The prices are negociable depending on the quantity and type of honey requested.
I speak English.
CONTACT: 004 0742 960 994 / +4 0742 960 994 – mobile.
E-mail: rozalindapetro@yahoo.com. Serman Rozalia

2016 Polish honey in bulk. I offer blossom  honey in bulk 200 liters metal barrels or 3 to 20 kg plastic cans. The best quality for the lowest price. Krzysztof Kanigowski k.kanigowski@kng.com.pl +48 602309104

2016 I have 100 kg honey for sale located in London, Natural organic honey harvested from Bulgarian mountains (herbs, wildflowers). It is not heated, no sugar. After 2 weeks I am expecting more honey to arrive in UK from BG. If you are interesting and you want to buy just email me back. £5 per kg and discounts for large quantities,
Mitky85@abv.bg 07454576863-Dimitar

2016 Organic Honey straight from the Balkans! Pure and natural with NO artificial additives, antibiotics, flavors, substances or water added, NOT been heaten or mixed! Our bees are NOT fed with sugar or syrup! We offer really large stock of Linden, Sunflower, Rapeseed and Polyfloral raw Bulgarian honey! Price is £5.00 per 1kg as when buying large quantities price will drop. We are open for offers :) Feel free to ask for samples for testing and tasting! Contact: zara.agopyan@gmail.com

2016 I am a beekeeper, live and work in the southern part of Russia (Caucasus mountains). I have about 1 tonn of honey of this year for sale. It's of very good quality, natural from safflowers, wild herbs and sunflowers. But it is one type of honey. There were three fields which were in flowers at pretty much the same time. I have a lab quality cetificate which confirms the high quality of the product. 
I can send you a sample of honey in advance for testing and tasting. It's in special plastic cubitainers. It wasn't heated and now is in solid state, being crastalized. I can offer you a competitive price, we can discuss it. 
I fluently speak English, so we can get in touch by phone or skype as well and discuss all questions. My cell phone number: +79283613757 My skype: sgrigovinda Spartak Usachevoussus@gmail.com

2016 I am a honey importer specifically from South Africa and Kenya. I can supply honey in bulk, London or UK wide. Abasa Miheso abbassizm@gmail.com

2016 My name is Denis Vitrascu and I am the export manager of the company  LV Intersolve Group from Republic of Moldova. I represent an association of honey producers from ecological zones of our country. In our range we have linden honey, acacia honey, blossom honey, propolis, lavender honey, bee venom and gelle royale.We could offer you a competitive price for this product and also an individual packing upon your request. Please let us know if you are interested in a collaboration with our company. For any other details please do not hesitate to contact us Denis Vitrascu denis.vitrascu@gmail.com

2016 Raw multifloral unprocessed honey for sale from the western part of Lithuania, the Baltic Sea region. Available in bulk, in buckets of 25 kg or in smaller quantities. Email: Vaida Sarkauskiene sarkva@gmail.com

2016 Welcome to the company LLC "MIR INGREDIENTIV" Ukraine, Kharkov. We have been manufacturing natural, homogenized honey, origin Ukraine. At the moment, we have 36 multi tone poliflora honey, 200 liter barrels with the food coating. Our honey is fully corresponding to the EU or US standards. Sergey Laluev laluev76@mail.ru

2016 I am beekeeping producer from Bulgaria and I want to sell my production in UK. I have very good production from natural pollen from trees, flowers and wild herbs.
I want to sell it as wholesale. 
I have near 1000 kg now from the last production. Tsvetomir tsvetomir_yakov@abv.bg

2016 Honey from Romania - My dad has 1500 kg of linden honey production 2016, the honey is top
quality we can provide certificates that proves that.
The price is £5.50 per kg, but if someone wants to buy all 1500 we'll
sell it for £5.
Price is neg.
marcelina.albert@gmail.com or +44 7479 057 165 for more info.

2016 This is wendy wong from china,I saw you message and who have honey to sell and can contact you.
We are best acacia honey supplier in china ,I know chinese honey a bad reputation in the worldwide and but
our honey from a little mountain town ,the main plants of this places is acacia tree ,so there are many beekeepers to raise bees and supplier good quality acacia honey.
I collect these honey together and test it and i think the honey consumers will love it wendy7858@163.com

2016 I am Ebute Joshua from Nigeria, I have pure raw natural honey for sale in large quantity. Email me at joshebute5@gmail.com.

2016 Honey from Argentina. I will be bringing to UK honey produced last summer (Jan2016) by my family in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently we have 40+ drums of honey of 350kg . (blossom, cardoon, sunflower; with its certificate) We are open to offers. Jose Moure

2016 My name is Emil Tsikov and I represent ZET 1 Ltd that is a leading supplier/manufacturer of bee honeys. Our own HACCP certified production facility is located in Varna, Bulgaria.Emil Tsikov
2016 I currently have a large stock of Rapeseed, Linden, Acacia and Polyfloral 100% organic raw honey directly from the beekeepers in Romania. 
my facebook page just created is: https://www.facebook.com/Sweet-Pot-1735085180080174/
and my webpage is: https://sweetpot.net

2016 My name is Andrei, my father is a bee keeper and he has under his wing over 120 colonies. We have from last year over 1t of honey and we would like to find maybe a buyer on the UK market. The product was verified in the romanian labs as being a product of top quality, we can send a sample to be checked by the buyer before purchasing it. The honey we are selling is in solid state (crystallized) it has not been heated, mixed with water etc. Like I said earlier TOP NOTCH Quality. The price can be discussed later 
Contact: Strugarujobs@gmail.com

2016 We have the best honey from north of Iran with best price. 00989125161725 Email Mohammadreza Hooshmand

2016 We can offer pure organic acacia honey starting from June 2016 produced in Eastern Romania.The product is certified and high quality is guaranteed. (Besides Acacia honey there are also other types of honey: sunflower, sage)

The favorable climate and natural processing helps to maintain the high honey content. 

The next harvest will be in June when the Acacia tree blossoms in Romania. The price will be around 5.5 pounds for acacia honey but we are open for discussion. 

We would be happy to get in touch with you to discuss on the subject. You can give us a call on + (45) 52701093 or write an email on stefancnn@gmail.com Stefan

- we are looking for a reliable partner with which to trade our amounts of honey
- The amount which can provide on year is between 30-50 tons
- We also accept small orders between 500-1000kg
- If you are interested we can send you SAMPLES

Company name: Nimaks18 ltd
Manager: Nikolay Nikolov
Address: Bulgaria
City: Varna
Street address- Panagiurishte ?10         

mr.Nikolay Nikolov
00359 52 610 208
00359 898 549 831
Email: Nikolay Nikolov

2016 I am Davis from Kenya wholesale raw honey seller I produce over 600,000 litres of honey a month am looking for market outside East Africa  I can send you test samples before your bulk order, we harvest all our honey with care we deliver the best out of Africa. davis@paytrade.co.ke

2016 I am Isaac from Uganda a bee keeper and i produce 11100 litres of honey but am looking for market outside my country  can i send you some samples so you can help me, it harvested in good condition you can test it and i know you Will  like it. Busuulwa Isaac

2016 I am a Bulgarian producer of different kind of honey and I am looking for new market-places so I can sell my product. I supply few markets here in London but I would like to expand the business. I can offer bouquet, acacia, lime-tree and sunflower honey in jars - 0.800kg, cans - 20-25kg or as you wish. Price is negotiatable and it depends on what quantity you will offer.
I can offer a little trial jar for you. If you are interested contact me. Danny Todorova

2016 We offer a regular supply of pure polyflora honey from the UkraineVitaliy Kuzmenko
2016 I got raw pure honey from Lithuania. Bulk or small quantities. EU  Veterinary approved. All documents available.
Let me know if you are interested in regular supplier. Email: Dmitrij Olegovich

2016 I m a Hungarian beekeeper. I have certified honey production of 15-20000 kg /year .
This is only coming from 2 family.
There are pure : acacia,rape seed, sunflower, honeys and Also available: mustard flower honey and wild forest/field honey . 
We also have honey with propolis.
We have propolis,bee-wax 

Price range from 5 £kg - 7£/kg Greg Tolnai

2016 My name is Bianca. My father produces organic, high-quality honey in Romania. He has acacia and forest honey from 2015 to sell, around 500 kg in total. He is interested in a UK buyer and guarantees for the quality of the honey. If you are interested, do not hesitate and contact me at: bianca.mates@yahoo.com.

2016 Hello ! My name is Sergey , I from Ukraine . My company produces honey in large quantities and are interested in selling and finding reliable partners . Our beehives are in an ideal rural environmentally friendly . You will be pleasantly surprised by the pleasant taste of our honey . It can also has great project for profit . I can supply in 200 liter drums and in a small bowl your design and your company logo . All documents and quality certificates mandatory for each batch of honey . If you are interested in cooperation please contact me . With deep respect and confidence on cooperation .
Sergey , +380675605838
Ukraine , volosov77776@mail.ru

2016 100% raw multifloral honey for £4.5/kg packed in 25kg plastic tubs from Lithuania, EU. Email to ssarkaus@gmail.com 
2016 Honey from Transilvania. We can offer 100% natural bee honey in small or large quantities ( up to 10 tons of Acacia and 10 tons of Polyfloral ).
The honey is extracted by spinning it out of the frames and bottled directly after, there is no sugar added and bees are not fed with sugar during the harvest time.
We can send samples to be checked in laboratory if required.
For any other information please contact me. Constantine email: roveliii@yahoo.com

2016 My name is Constantin Cristian Ionescu and i have 1000kg of romanian bio honey, with certificate and analyse made in Germany. There are 2 types of honey acacia and polyfloral.
Acacia honey

Honey is considered the queen of Romania, although other types are much better characteristics owned and in particular therapeutic effect. It is easily assimilated by the body, providing energy through bioactive substances and nutrients it holds.

Honey is monoflerny, that was gleaned mainly from one plant species - acacia. Acacia honey is an excellent tonic for both children and convalescents, and for pregnant women. Among all types of honey, each with its specific properties, acacia honey soothes cough and is successfully used in treating asthenia and neurosis.

It has a higher fructose content than other types of honey (41.7%), containing 10% sucrose and glucose 34.7%, for which crystallizes very difficult. Color, immediately after harvest is transparent, but it depends on the color that was extracted from the combs and can get hints of yellow. It has a pleasant taste and no signs of crystallization when fresh. Smell is the specific of acacia flowers

The variety of wood from which it comes, give this range are rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, etc.) and minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe, Bor - help synthesize vitamin C ) being recommended in the diets of children and the elderly.

I'm living in Leicester and my phone number is 07438914050

2016 I have 3000 kg of good quality raw honey originated from Romania. I am interested to find a buyer in UK. Emanuel anghelema@yahoo.co.uk

2015 Hi. My name is Ciprian,   I am from Romania and i have natural honey for sale. I have only 70 kg left from this year , 2015, and i wanna sell it quiq for only £5 per kilo. For any question do not hesitate to contact me on  07977279995 or ciprian_daviduta@yahoo.co.uk .

2015 Bulgarian honey: We would like to offer you varius kind of natural honey, we would like to offer you the following; 1000kgs of wildflower pure honey for the price of 5.50 GBP/kg 1000kgs of acacia for the price of 6 GBP/kg ibo_ch@mail.bg

2015 We would like to to offer you various kinds of Bulgarian naural honey of very good quality without sugar and additives. 
We would like to offer you the following: 
1) 2, 000 kgs of Wildflower pure honey in 25kgs metal tins for the price of 6.25 euro/kg without VAT, including shipping costs.
2) 600 kgs of Acacia pure honey in 25 kgs metal tins for the price of 6.75 euro/kg without VAT, including shipping costs.
We can provide you wirh various kinds of prure quality honey, as per your requirements. 
We can provide you with samples on request.  Email AFSolutions

2015 We are a family of beekeepers from Romania (in the Bacau county) and are interested in selling very high quality honey (linden, acacia and polyfloral) to distributors abroad in UK. Please contact us if you are interested for more details. Luiza and Adi Angheluta  

2015 I'm selling raw, unprocessed acacia honey from Hungary, currently we have 800kg - 1000kg in stock. My contact number is 07521055809 if you were interested in purchasing. Tamas

2015 We can offer Romanian certified honey for sale in small quantities up to full truck loads at very competitive prices, bulk or individual packaging. There is available from this year harvest poly floral honey, linden honey, forest honey, canola honey and sunflower. If interested let me know in detail your needs. Johan infosif@yahoo.com

2015 100% natural ecologically clean bee honey from Moldova WITHOUT GMO, antibiotics and others food additives.  We have in stock honey of acacia, linden honey, floral and buckwheat honey. We can deliver honey in different quantity (up to 40 000 kilograms per a month). We can offer You a polyflora flower honey. The honey is filtered and homogenized at a temperature 37?. The most suitable for us packaging is a plastic bucket 50 kg. We can also offer plastic drums of 300 kg. When ordering 20, 000 kg(minimum order) delivery at our expense (free).  Price is 2,98 pounds per a kg which includes delivery to England. There is a possibility of bottling and delivery of honey in glass jars.

2015 I am a honey supplier from Romania and I can supply 7 tones -10 tones of Sunflower, acacia, lime blossom and polyfloral honey. My prices are between £7-£9 per kg. If you are interested please let me know. My contact no: 07507215529 Razvan. My email is: razvanx2002@yahoo.com

20145 We are Eastern Europe honey producers and we collect 100% raw organic honey. We have in stock now 150kg of wildflower honey and 300kg of acacia. At the moment we try to sell large quantities packed in 25-30 kg barells. We can provide larger quantities at the lowest price possible. We have samples in london. For further info and partnership offers please give an call. 07453270567. or email me Adrian

2015 Pure, natural honey from Ukraine ukrain.eko.group@gmail.com

2015 Hello, we are looking for an English company that wants to buy each year more than 100 tons of natural honey, paid after receipt of the goods and check the quality.
the price of our natural honey is 3 euro, 2.2 pound with delivery to England, london Linden Honey, Acaciq Honey, Colza Honey, Herbal Honey, Lavender Honey, Honey of Rose, Thistle Honey, honey of fruit Saplings, Honey of sunflowers. Email: Alexander Alexander

2015 I have for sale 10 tons Acacia Bio Honey from Romania 2015 packed in 300 Kg Drums. Please contact me for more information. Dorel Vulcan from Transilvania. Phone 0040 721759442

2015 Raw multifloral honey for sale from the western part of Lithuania, the Baltic Sea region, Eastern Europe, where you will find an impressive landscape, unique net of rivers and channels, fresh and nice nature free of pollution. 

The honey is rich in taste and smell, of a dark amber colour, extracted by spinning it out of the frames and bottled directly after that. There is no sugar added and the bees are not fed with sugar during the harvest time. The honey is 100% raw, unprocessed, not mixed, not pasteurised or homogenized. 

Available in buckets of 25 kg and 1.4 kg, or jars of 700 g or 400 g. Email: Vaida Sarkauskiene sarkva@gmail.com

2015 I am a producer of honey from Romania and I can provide 500 kg  ofacacia (salcam) honey  And more honey from different type of other flowers.
If you are interest and you can help me please let me know. 0040741101230 email tudorean_stefan@yahoo.com

2015 Hello my name is Dobrin Valkov, I have honey for sale in bulk from Bulgaria, origin on the honey is sunflower, acacia and forest. I have plants in Bulgaria and I can deliver 5 to 20 tone per anum. What requirements you have for honey,supply and what price offer per kilogram. For contact email me zuzadobrin@abv.bgor tel.00447938453207

2015 Romania honey - types of flowers: colza, linden, acacia and sunflower - email Carol-Catalin Pogar

2015 Fijian Prince - Pure Organic Honey is a really popular, tasty 100% pure organic honey. Contact Joel Metcalfe

2015 Greek Hive - Facebook page

2014 Raw multifloral honey for sale from Lithuania. Available in bulk, in buckets of 20-25 kg and small plastic buckets of 1 litre or glass jars of 0,5 litre at a reasonable price. We can deliver the honey to the place you wish. Vaida Sarkauskiene

2014 I have honey for sale from Romania. I have about 8-10 tones for sale per annum
Types of flowers:
- colza ( translation in romanian: rapita)
-linden ( translation in romanian: tei)
-acacia ( translation in romanian: salcam)
-sunflower ( translation in romanian: floarea soarelui)
-polyfloral ( translation in romanian: poliflora)
My phnone number is 07553651891 Email: Liviu Toma

2014 We are a Portuguese Company and we have Bulk Honey in 300Kgs Drums to Sell. Email: Humberto Bento

2014 Pure acacia, lime tree and sunflower Romanian honey for sale, any quantity. email: Andria

2014 My name is David from Nigeria. I'm a honey supplier in Nigeria, I sell raw un-proccess honey
and I would like to supply same honey to any interested honey buyer in UK and any other
countries. My mobile number is +2347037781319 email David

2013 We distribute honey, only pure honey.
We have mixed honey 18 ton: 6 ton mixed nectar with a browner shade and 12 ton sunflower honey.
We have 11 ton acacia honey bright, 11 ton acacia honey browner.
If you are interested in samples we can send some.
We can provide more honey if you need larger quantity - email: David

2013 Acacia honey from Poland - email Catherine

2013 Russian bulk honey for sale - email len

2013 Pure honey from Romania 2000kg - email Marcl

Russian honey available in bulk - email Paul Kovzelev

Romanian honey - email Virginia - click here

Romanian honey - email Marius - click here

Argentina honey - email Tomás Agustín Tuma - click here

Uganda best quality honey - email Clement - click here

Spanish honey in bulk - click here

Indian honey in bulk - email Anil Shivaram

Turkish honey in bulk - email özgürpire

Honey for sale - Lithuania - email Algis Steponavicius

Honey for sale in bulk from Bulgaria - email Lacoste-2007@hotmail.co.uk

Bulk honey for sale from Romania - email vios.stan@yahoo.com

Bulk honey for sale from Tanzania - email mwamakulauswege@gmail.com

Chinese Honey - email freedomfoodshoney@gmail.com

World honey buyers

If you are looking to buy honey and are not in the UK - please send me your details

We are a professional company engaged in import and export in China ,according to the demand of the customers, we are in urgent need a batch of honey?

Sunny Ph:+86 17795631792 smyatai09@126.com